How it works?

You choose the appropriate service for your account in League of Legends or another game, pay for it, and after that, data(login and password) to enter your personal account in elo-boosting.com is sent to your mail, where you can track and change your order.

My game account and my data (login, password) be safe?

Yes. Your account is protected with our dedicated app. All our boosters are tested and it is not profitable for them to do something on your account other than boost. In addition, it is impossible to make any manipulations with your account (change password or mail) without access to the mail to which the account is linked.

I want to choose a specific role and champion.

Write to the booster in the chat in your personal account about your preferences and he will try to play the role and champions of your choice, or the system will select a more suitable booster.

How can I watch games when booster playing?

In the chat you can ask your current booster add smurf account in friendlist to spectate games or use special programs/services to watch matches.

If I don’t like current booster, how can I change him?

All you need to do is write to us in the feedback form (tab Contact us) and we will change employee to another.

I want to cancel the service and get a refund, how can I do this?

We are confident in the quality of the services provided, but if we did not satisfy any of your requirements, or you have your own reasons for terminating service, you can cancel it.

Return period is 14 days from date of payment for services.

To do this, you need to suspend the order in your personal account by clicking on appropriate button. After that, write to us by email or in the feedback form about refund. We will refund the funds for outstanding part of work.

Methods for refunding funds to customer in the same way as the payment for product or service was carried out. Transfer fees, if any, will be deducted from transfer amount. The amount of commission depends on payment system chosen for transfer.

How long does elo boost take?

On average, 1 division takes 1 day, or 12-15 games in a full day.