Can League of Legends ELO Boosting be considered safe?

Fear is the only factor that League of Legends players are preventing from boosting their account more frequently than not. Fear that their account may be hacked, suspended, or permanently banned. According to Riot’s terms of service, ELO boosting is treated like cheating and is punishable.

Although this is a valid concern, the fact is that ELO boosting in LoL isn’t as black and white as people make it out to be. takes numerous measures to ensure our customers’ accounts are as safeguarded as possible, particularly from Riot.

Is it possible for ELO boosting to prevent your account from being banned?

Is it possible for ELO boosting to prevent your account from being banned?
Is it possible for ELO boosting to prevent your account from being banned?

ELO Boosting occurs when a professional or high-rank player logs into a customer’s account to win matches until he attains the rank mentioned in the order. Due to Riot’s Rules, any ranked game played by someone who is not the original creator of the account may be deemed Boosting and, as a result, may be penalized.

If your account is found guilty of MMR / ELO Boosting, it is possible that the following will occur:

  • Suspension of 2 Week Accounts.
  • Your Honor will decrease to level 0.
  • Exclusion from receiving the current season’s Ranked Rewards.

If you’re caught in a second offense, you could also be permanently banned, not just this.

Fortunately, this is all that can happen, but not what will happen if you’re smart about it and purchase the boost from a legitimate ELO boosting website, like, as those are 100% safe. The reason for this is the numerous measures they take to prevent anything from happening to their customer’s accounts.

The ban prevention methods used by are available.

The ban prevention methods used by are available
The ban prevention methods used by are available

To safeguard our customers, takes more action than any other website. Below are some of them mentioned.

  • Utilizing VPNs when completing a solo queue order to avoid suspicion.
  • Never conversing in all chat as it might be risky to do so, and never being toxic in-game chat as that might result in the account being reported.
  • We do not disclose any information about our customers.
  • To avoid any suspicion, our players play at the skill level expected from the rank of the account they’re using.
  • We allow customers to select their preferred champions that the booster must use, so selecting champions that you typically use might decrease the likelihood of anyone discovering it isn’t you playing. Additionally, we offer this service for free, so there are no additional costs or other disadvantages to selecting this service.
  • The booster can appear offline while playing with your account, preventing anyone on your friend list from knowing they’re playing. Additionally, we offer this service for free as well, so there’s no downside to selecting it, just in case.
  • Our boosters do not use scripts, bots, or any other unjust means of winning, unlike most individual boosters. Since our boosters are either professional or high-level players, they never have to resort to cheating.

Additionally, numerous ‘boosters’ that aren’t supported by ELO boosting websites are, in fact, trolls who either get accounts banned on purpose or alter the details to prevent the original owners from accessing their accounts.

Finally, it’s much more challenging for Riot to detect that you’re boosting rank, placement, or wins, if you opt to play WITH the booster by selecting the ‘Play with booster’ option when finalizing your order instead of giving your account credentials to anyone. The booster will move your account to higher ranks by joining your team during queueing, reducing the likelihood of your account being banned. You won’t have to disclose your account details to anyone, so that’s one additional fear taken care of!

Is it possible to trust with LoL ELO boosting?

Is it possible to trust with LoL ELO boosting?
Is it possible to trust with LoL ELO boosting?

Even if you find an ELO boosting website that is both trustworthy and trustworthy, and has good reviews and an active user base, there may still be multiple worries in your mind that hinder you from purchasing the boost. To begin with, there’s the fear of either people from the site or boosters themselves using your account information for malicious purposes.

Our website,, has thousands of players who trust us with their accounts, and we have never betrayed their trust. If that doesn’t sate your fears, then, as mentioned earlier, there’s always the option of not providing your account information to us and instead playing with our booster being in the same team as you.

What is the guarantee that the person boosting your account will achieve your desired rank? This is one thing you don’t have to worry about when purchasing your boost from us. We only hire highly skilled players as boosters, and this is due to our extensive background research on them to verify their proficiency.

There is no longer a need to worry about what would occur if something goes wrong on our end. We offer a flexible refund policy that allows you to receive a full refund if the order hasn’t started or the booster cannot complete your order for any reason. Even if the order is stopped halfway through, we’re willing to go the extra step for our customers and still offer a reasonable refund.

Let’s say you purchased five wins, but the booster loses the match on the fifth one. Our booster will win two more games in this scenario. One to compensate for the loss and the other to complete the order. The order will be completed with the five wins you paid for after all is said and done.