What is the salary range for ELO Boosters in League Of Legends?

Due to being consistently ranked in high ranks and knowing the advantages of winning an League Of Legends match, you have decided on using ELO boost as your base for earning money. There is only one issue, albeit insignificant. You are uncertain about the amount of ELO boosters they generate.

The amount of ELO boosters that are boosted for League Of Legend’S is determined by various factors. Their skill level, marketing skills and the number of individuals who utilize their services are crucial. While some players have been earning up to $3000 per month for ELO boosting other players, others are not as lucky.

Of course, there are many things you need to know before even attempting an ELO booster and more importantly when getting the cash rolling in. Let us begin.

Can you explain the concept of ELO Boosting?

Of course, we must determine the level of ELO boosting before anything else. Fortunately, get this. We’ve already created a comprehensive guide that provides you with all the necessary information about it. They provide a comprehensive explanation of the most common type, duo queue-boosting in addition to why people even boost ELO.

Factors determining the amount of work an ELO booster produces.

We are aware that you want to know the benefits of an ELO Booster for increasing. However, it isn’t that simple. A booster can be a common term for everyone and earn thousands of dollars, as numerous factors determine the amount an ELO booster will earn during their career.

The level of skill is high.

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The reason for using an ELO booster is a result of the booster being more skilled than their own. The types of packages they provide determine the level a booster needs to possess. To better comprehend, here’s a table showing all available rankings in League of Legenden and an estimation about how many players make up that rank.


The statistics are constantly changing, and they can be attributed to an estimate.

If you want to be a booster with an package that boosts your bronze account into platinum, it would take at least one diamond level skill yourself. In the event that you fail to consistently win enough for achieving your desired rank during this time period, it may not be possible.

Marketing and Reputation are the main areas of expertise.

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If you want to make a reasonable earning while ELO boost, there is another factor that’s crucial. That means the image building your do! League of Legends ELO boosting is not considered as an exclusive job, according to the statement. There are numerous, MANY boosters available in the growing industry.

You must provide customers with a reason to hire you in addition, apart from the herd of boosters. Did your previous customers leave satisfied with their rank, playing time and services?

Of course, if you aren’t capable of doing these things then there is always the option to join an increasing company so they could do all this for your. Yes, your pay will essentially be reduced in half. However you’ll have the ability to concentrate on what is exceling at playing it!


Okay, so we’ll be real here. ELO boosting is not an easy task. When boosting, you need to spend considerable time in marketing and polishing your skills. Due to the team-based and unpredictable nature of a game, it’s unrealistic for you not anticipate winning every match. Even one loss can sometimes cause delays at times in timetime as well!

If you have the time to spare, only take care of this task if it is intended for any actual output. Naturally, the more time and effort you invest in will increase your chances of earning money.

Estimated pay for boosting the economy.

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What is the realistic expectation of making an ELO boost in League Of Legends, given that all this goes unnoticed? Let us say that you’re extremely lucky, and not only do your games win most but also attract a lot of potential players looking to boost their account ranking. You can anticipate earning anywhere from $1000 to $3000 per month.

Naturally, this is a preliminary estimate and the monthly pay may be significantly higher or lower. Many skilled players are hesitant to switch from ELO boost as a full-time job due in part of its unpredictable nature. Some boosters are earning upward of $500 daily, whereas others earn more than $500.

Is it possible to earn $50 within a week? It is essential to have customers who return at the start of every season when they are reset.

The amount of money you earn depends on the services offered. Many individuals typically pay a sum of $600 to $1,500 for their account being upgraded from Platinum I into Master. However, you must keep in mind the time it will take to actually finish boosting task. Additionally, there’s also the fact that you need to give a percentage of any growing organization your choice for work with. The cut in most organizations is 15-20% lower than what many other companies do?

The table below contains some of the most popular packages. It also provides an estimate of the amount individuals spend on each package after considering additional services, such as playing with a specific champion or role.

Level Rank: There are those in the classification of Rank Tier.Chärgés
From Silver IV to Gold I$100~$250
From Gold I to Platinum II$100~$300
From Platinum 1 to Master$600~$1,400

The prices may vary depending on the location, discounts and packages.

What is the reason behind some individuals’ failure to boost their accounts?

The process of getting your account boosted sounds great on paper. Someone else does all the heavy lifting, and you’re the one who ends up with a high-ranking account. It’s not exactly that simple.

Anyone’s biggest fear when thinking about boosting their account is that they will be prohibited from using it. If I mentioned that you didn’t necessarily have to worry about it, what would happen? We’ve gone through everything you need to know right here.

The conclusion is in the form of a statement.

ELO boosting is definitely an effective method of using all the skills you’ve polished by spending so much time in League Of Legends, but it can be too unpredictable to consider it as being full-time.