The second split of the rating season and arenas in 2023!

We hope that each of you finishes with a rank that brings a smile to your face after the initial split in the ranking game in 2023 is over. If you haven’t done so, getting one in the second half of the year will be more enjoyable.

The 19th of July marks the start of the second Split of 2023 Ranked Season! As always, we can anticipate a patch, and this time, except for balance changes, there will be some new changes to the ranked system! Check below what you can anticipate when you log in to your preferred game the following time.

As you could expect, new Split will start with rank reset. It means that your rank will be lowered and you would need to play 5 ranked games to get some of your rank back. That’s right! Placement games shrunken too, and now we need to play half of what we need to deal with in the past. Even better news is that the reset will be softer than usual, so we should very quickly get back to rank we ended the previous split with.

When the ranked queues will be turned back, we will have boosters ready to take care of your Unranked account. It appears that it will be at 12:00 P.M. 19th of July at present. You can now check the prices or pre-order it here. If we don’t meet the set win ratio, we won’t alter our system and will still guarantee set win ratio.

If you ended in Platinum or below in previous Split, you can expect that after placing games, you will become higher now! The game developer intends to increase the skill rating curve and maintain lower half. The introduction of new rank, Emerald, is the other option that will aid that. It will be placed between Platinum and Diamond. The inclusion of Emerald rank is visible as we updated our system. The prices for the new rank can be found here.

The most enjoyable aspect is left for the end! There won’t be any promos in the Second Split! The amount of games necessary in the First Split was reduced from 5 to 3, and now they are all gone. If you reach over 100 LP in the first division, you will automatically jump into the higher League!

And that’s the conclusion of changes for new ranked Split! We will gladly assist you if you struggle to gain ranks.

After years of playing League, Ranked Games can become boring. We also assist players with other modes or games, which is why we also provide assistance. You don’t need to look further if you need assistance with TFT, Valorant or Wild Rift. We have the ability to do it! Additionally, that means that we are open to introducing new games or modes. I’m not writing about it without a motive, as it appears that we might contribute to the rise of some gladiators.

A new Arena Game Mode is on the horizon and it appears that it will come with Ranked System. Let us know if you think we should include that 2vs2vs2vs2 mode in our service.